$$$ Get Funded From Webkype For An Application or Website

With years of experience in business and IT services development our team of expert understand the worth of a good idea, website or an App. We promote the fresh ideas and business via investing in technlogy, server, marketing & operations.No matter how big and beautiful your website is designed and developed. Your growth of business and operation depends on good investment and future funding.Share you ideas with us for evaluation and further discussion

Eligibility Criteria & Process For Funding

Funds for : Technology, Mobile App, Server, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations

  • Must have a minimum 03 month old up ad running App or Website
  • Running App or websites must have minimum traffic of 10,000 vistors per day
  • Ideas like - any ecommerce, any networking, any portals, any subscription based ideas are accepted
  • Regular transaction of visitors / payment / subscription/ usage on App or website will be an advantage for funding
  • Funding varies from 50,000 to 15,00,00 in a year in multiple parts based on demand & ROI calculations
  • If your idea is unique and have a business plan for minimum 02 year - Webkype can free your technology and marketing with profit sharing calculations